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Did Samsung really copy Apple?

Updated August 17,2011

Following Apple's successful attempt to have the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned from being sold in Europe, new evidence has arisen that the all important document which Apple used to get their injunction against Samsung may have been 'altered' in their favour. Following the recent court ruling, Samsung have fired back at Apple claiming that Apple edited the dimensions of the Galaxy Tab in photos to make it appear more similar to the iPad than it actually is.

Apple claims that this was merely a simple mistake, and it is still obvious that Samsung had copied Apple; however, Samsung claims that this is too much of a 'coincidence' and that clearly Apple misled the court to have them rule in their favour. If Apple is found guilty of providing misleading evidence then it is unlikely that the injunction against Samsung will hold; furthermore, there could be further repercussions which could damage Apple reputation.

Fortunately for Apple, in the 44-page document that Apple's lawyers submitted to the courts there were still a number of photos in which the true dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab had not been edited. Most people share the opinion that it is unlikely that Apple were foolish enough to have deliberately misled the judge, especially in the face of the criminal penalties they could face. As patent law blogger Florian Mueller told the BBC, 'someone may have been confused, but that's the worst-case scenario I can realistically imagine here'.

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By Anna Herdman

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