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Apple-Samsung Patent war continues; Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned in Germany

Updated September 5,2011

The latest instalment of the Apple - Samsung patent war has gotten underway, with Samsungs new tablet computer having been pulled from one of the world's largest electronic shows in Germany.

The new Galaxy Tab 7.7 had been set to feature in the IFA electronics fair in Berlin; however this is no longer possible as on Friday a Dusseldorf court banned Samsung from selling the product in Germany. It is thought that this ruling came about at the request of Apple.

The rival electronics giants are currently engaged in a global scramble for patents over their Smartphone and tablet products, with the eventual winner set to dominate the Tablet market for the next 5 to 10 years at least. Apple has claimed that the Galaxy range of smartphones and tablet computers are the result of Samsung copying the 'design, look and feel' of Apples iPhone and iPad devices, whereas Samsung claim that Apple has infringed Samsung's wireless patents.

This issue doesn't seem to be fading into the background, with neither company willing to give any ground on this issue; they know that they are the only names that matter when it comes to tablet computers, and look to be seeking something of a monopoly in this lucrative market.

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