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What to expect in the new iPhone 5

Updated August 26,2011

There have been a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the anticipated release of the new iPhone5. According to TechCrunch, a source from Apple has revealed that the new iPhone will be able to access both GSM and CDMA networks, meaning it will be able to work in most countries. There has also been a rumor that the new phone will be SIM-less; on the other hand, another report suggests that there may be a SIM card slot, allowing users to insert different SIM cards when they go abroad.

The phone is also likely to be supported by Apple's iCloud, on to which everything (photos, apps etc.) will be stored, rather than using the phone's own memory storage. Also, in terms of looks, it is projected that the new iPhone 5 will have a much larger screen, to compete with the current Android devices in market. Check out Apple iPhone Software for downloading various iPhone tools.

As well as these extra add ones, the new phone is also expected to have an 8-megapixel camera (the current model being only 5). Moreover, it is almost certain that it will have an A5 chip. At the moment, the A5 chip is only present in Apple's iPad2. Lastly, it is also anticipated that in the wake of some Android devices having NFC chips (allowing users to make credit card payments, or use their tablets as ID), that the new iPhone 5 will contain some similar kind of device.


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By Anna Herdman

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