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Halloween Movie Introduction - 4Media Software

Updated October 27,2010

What would you want to do in the scary and mysterious Halloween night? How about watching a Halloween movie with family? Watching themed movies is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween’s swift and spooky approach.
And for those horror films fans, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year to kick back, watch the leaves turn, and watch some great movies. Some Halloween movies are better to enjoy with friends, and others are best enjoyed alone as a legitimate challenge to scare you in a way you might not have thought was possible.
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1. Scream

Halloween Movies
Scream was the first movie to go meta and play with all the tired conventions of teen slasher flicks by working your expectations into the plot then deftly derailing them. Scream’s deserved success spawned a million imitators. Like Wolverine, it’s still the best there is at what it does. The plot? Oh yeah. A psychopathic serial killer is stalking a group of teens… just like in the movies!

2. Trick ‘R’ Treat

Halloween movie Fright Night
Trick ‘R’ Treat is honestly one of the best Halloween movies out there for its charming almost-cleverness sidling alongside the silly, using the thrill of traditional scout camp ghost stories to turn slasher flick conventions on their head. The serial-killer high school principal, the college virgin who’s holding out for Mister Right, the teenagers who pull a mean prank and a woman who loathes the night… These four Halloween stories culminate in one intriguing little sweet-sour twist. It’s pure pumpkin froth – enjoy.

3. Fright Night

Hallween Movies Fright Night
When a teenager discovers his next door neighbour is a vampire, no-one will believe him. Don’t be put off by the idea of a vampire movie created in the mid eighties. Don’t think “Urrr, it has a rhyming title, that bodes ill”. A splendid idea and a great cast, coupled with SFX ahead of their time (and not too many of them) make Fright Night a clever, cool Halloween film that even self-confessed pretentious lovers of foreign films will delight in. This is an offbeat and sexy eighties vampire film that will surprise you with its chutzpah.

4. Halloween

Hallween Movies
How could we not include this 1978 indie Halloween classic? Psychotic murderer Tony Moran rampages after Jamie Lee Curtis wearing a scary white mask. Yes, it’s a slasher flick, but these are two actors who know what they’re doing. When Jamie Lee Curtis runs around screaming with her tits nearly falling out it’s not like some candyfloss-haired understudy doing it. You can feel those screams.

5. Nightmare On Elm Street

Halloween Movie Nightware
There’s a serial killer called Freddy Krueger who’s got holes in his jumper, and he was born of the seed of a million mass murderers, and he comes to kill you in your dreams. In this slasher film, the saddo teenagers who dream of him somehow manage to be more imaginitive than you’d initially give them credit for. Freddy Krueger has got slashy fingers and his jumper is stripy.

Also, Halloween Kids movies are more and more popular. Parents are easy to find a list of horror movies to watch for Halloween. They run the gamut from good to bad to so-bad-it’s-good to funny. But for parents of pre-teens, it can be hard to find something to watch that’s in the proper Halloween spirit, but won’t induce a month of nightmares. Here are our top 10 movie suggestions to show to younger kids that we think will be fun for grownups, too.

Halloween Movie for Kids

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