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Download YouTube Video

Download YouTube Video

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Christine Frommer says:"The user interface for iPad Max is pretty intuitive -- it has a very Mac-like feel to it -- but the Help section could be beefed up to better describe its features."

Dan Battelle says: “Directly convert iPad incompatible videos to MP4 and transfer to iPad then - so simple and out of my expectation. It was well worth the cost for the software.”

John Patterson says: "I needed to transfer all of my audio and video files from iPad to a new computer after my old machine died. The iPad transfer accomplished this task for me pretty quickly and moved everything into my iTunes library. It even prompted me about which iTunes settings I needed to change before starting the transfer."

Rayna Gilbert says:"And while the transfer of files is really simple, I even transfer playlists from my iPad back to the computer. It would have been nice to be able to rebuild my

Adrienne Deglin says:"Very easy to use. I've copy lots of DVD disks to my iPad now. More movie choices..."

Odette Gregoire says:"Ease of set up, finally rescued my library from my iPad."

Alice says:"What's more, it also works with iPod. Functions more than it should, rescued $700 in music of my itouch for $59.99 i'd say that is a bargain."

Hera Miller says: "Got my 20 songs back and saved a copy to my Macbook. It was VERY easy to download the demo copy, retrieve my songs from my 2nd gen. shuffle, and reload/update my shuffle on itunes. I will definitely think about purchasing this program in the very near future."

Miguel Gibson says: "Bought a new computer, and wanted a quick and easy way to move my ipod library to itunes on my new computer. I was willing to pay it rather than try some of the convoluted methods that I found on the internet involving copying and moving files and folders from the old computer, to an external drive, then to the new computer. 4Media iPod Max was super easy to download and install and very easy to use. You open the software, plug in your ipod, and press one button (literally one button) and it syncs the music you have on your ipod to itunes. I found this simple."

Fred Rick says: "4Media iPod Max saved my iPhone music and videos to my new iTunes without a single glitch. It seemed quick going about it too."