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Tips: touchscreen iPod due this November - Mp4 Converter

Updated August 14,2006

Apple's upcoming iPod will make its debut this November and will definitely feature a touchscreen, Gizmodo has learned. Let's just say that we have a couple of people fairly high up the Apple food chain who have made it known that the iPod's touchscreen is truly the bee's knees. Apple is also apparently working its tail off to make sure that the planned November launch of the new iPod will still happen.

Our super secret sources didn't reveal any information regarding the iPod's rumored wireless capabilities, however.

Oh, and those pictures? Those were supplied by a fine reader of ours, Samuel Mularczyk. Supposedly, they were found on Apple's Web site. Granted, they pictures do read "iPhone," but no one ever said that the touchscreen iPod and iPhone won't be one in the same, right? (But yes, it could just be another silly mock up.) – Nicholas Deleon

UPDATE: Oh, vanity, thy name is fake iPhone picture! Ok, so we're pretty darn sure the above picture is as fake as fake can be. How do we know? Well, the Darth Vader artwork was actually done by another reader, Kreg Steppe, some time ago. We'll work on getting better sources for pictures next.

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