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Sony is to Release New PSP to get Camera, GPS, VoIP - Mp4 Converter

Updated March 28,2006
  Sony disclosed information on its press conference,not only including new PSP announced by its SCE chief Ken Kutaragi, but also a boatload of games and peripherals would also eventually make every PSP worth gushing praise for again.

The newly-introduced PSP adds a camera and a GPS receiver. The new PSP also has accessories of microphone, other notable points for the camera are that it will include a PSP version of EyeToy and will also feature video chat, which essentially turns the PSP into a mobile Voice over IP gadget. The GPS receiver will, well, turn the PSP into a GPS locator, but will also come in handy when playing their upcoming Hot Shots with GPS title, which will let gamers download course data as well as help simulate shots on the green.Connectivity with the PS3 was also announced, as was a downloadable service that will allow users to play PSOne games (via an emulator) and save them on their memory cards. RSS support for video will also be implemented in a future update, as will the ability to save RSS audio feeds to your PSP and support for Flash.

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