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Samsung loses in the Netherlands

Updated August 25,2011

Samsung Electronics Co. has suffered yet another defeat in its current patent war with Apple Inc.

A Dutch court in The Hague, Netherlands has ruled that Samsung will have to halt the sales of its Galaxy S, SII and Ace smartphones in the Netherlands after the 13th October of this year. Fortunately, the ruling is only preliminary and doesn't extend to also banning the sales of Samsung's tablets in the country.

This court case is just one of the many that Apple is currently fighting against other smartphone makers, in particular against handsets which use Google's Android operating system. In this particular case, Apple claims that Samsung breached three of its patents, including: the scrolling mechanism used in the photo gallery, the way the device is unlocked and several other design rights for the iPad and iPhone exclusively. Interested in iPad Software and iPhone software, check out the link.

It is yet to be seen if the Samsung's tablet will also be banned, but if this most recent case is anything to go by, then Samsung's outlook doesn't look too positive.


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By Anna Herdman

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