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Lenovo enters the race following HP’s drop out

Updated August 25,2011

Following HP's announcement that they may be retiring from the PC business to focus on software development Lenovo has issued a statement saying that they are looking to challenge Apple's current dominance by designing a range of devices that will hopefully draw in a larger audience that Apple currently enjoys. Lenovo appears very confident in their ability to challenge the current forerunner, as Yang Yuanquing (CEO of Lenovo) states: "We will be one of the strongest of the players in this area".

So how exactly does Lenovo plan to take on the retail giant? Having already launched three tablet PCs based on Android and Windows operating systems, it appears that its approach would be to offer tablets in every market. As it stands, Apple appears to have saturated the market; however, as Mr. Yang states "Apple only covers the top tier", Lenovo plans to also produce tablets that can reach consumers who can't afford Apple's $500 price tag". An example of a product like this is Lenovo's new Android smart phone, priced at just $150. Interested in Apple Mac Software,check out the link.

Mr., Yang is very optimistic that Lenovo's attempt to compete in the tablet market will be a successful one. Just as there was once only IBM PCs, Apple too will enjoy its dominance for only a short amount of time. Furthermore, Mr. Yang believes that there is no need to worry that tablet sale may obliterate laptop sales.

However, Lenovo isn't just trying to take on Apple; it also has ambitious plans to become the largest PC maker in the world. Moreover, there is speculation and rumour that Lenovo could be interested in buying HP's PC business- though this is yet to be confirmed.

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By Anna Herdman

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