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Have a close view of Microsoft Zune from by Brad Cook

Updated July 13,2007

One user who has had a chance to use Microsoft's upcoming Zune MP3 player "found the device to be a viable attempt at the iPod music player, with some glaring pitfalls," according to an AppleInsider report.

Among the feedback: the interface of the Microsoft Zune MP3 player is "a bit clunky;" the lack of a scroll wheel was "frustrating," because the users' "fingers intuitively wanted to scroll;" battery life "is far less robust than the iPod music player's;" and the case was thicker than the iPod player and made out of "sort of hard rubber (not quite plastic material)."

In addition,AppleInsider noted, "it appears that Microsoft is attempting to swipe a page from Apple's marketing prowess -- on the rear of each Zune, in small inscription on the bottom next to the serial number, is a message: 'Hello from Seattle.'"

Microsoft Zune MP3 player is set to go on sale Nov. 14 with a US$249.99 price tag. With 30GB of storage, it's the same price as the 30GB iPod player. Music sold at the Zune Marketplace will also have comparable pricing as the Apple iTunes Store.

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