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Galaxy Tab banned from all EU countries

Updated August 10,2011

In today's modern market of smart phones and tablets, one cannot deny that the design and functionality of all these products can be startlingly similar. However, it was Apple who was the first company to decide that enough was enough.

As the forerunner in the race for the tablet trophy with the release of the iPad in 2010, quoted as being the 'driving force in shaping the emerging tablet landscape', Apple had laid down the path which all other electronics companies were to follow. It is therefore, unsurprising that Apple were less than impressed when Samsung electronics released the Galaxy Tab. At 10.1 inches, the tablet bears an uncanny resemblance to the iPad; Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet went even further to claim that the Galaxy Tab was a 'blatant copy' from its 'shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging. It seems natural then that Apple felt that they were in the right to take Samsung to court on the grounds that the Galaxy Tab was illegally using technology that had been used in the iPad. An opinion which was also shared by the German Courts who granted Apple a preliminary injunction, banning the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from nearly all EU nations. Samsung have since released a statement saying that they were completely 'blind-sided' by the decision and that they intend to take the essential measures required to ensure that their devices will continue to be available to their consumers in Europe.

A similar argument between these two companies has also occurred in both Australia and the U.S, the outcomes of which have been mainly favorable to Apple. However, this is not just a petty argument of 'who copied who'; it is part of a wider battle, between Apple and all the companies who currently support Android apps. This injunction marks just one strategic attempt to slow down the momentum of Google.

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By Anna Herdman

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