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New Video iPod really upcoming? True Video iPod is gonna be called

Updated March 9,2006

Since later last year, debut of 5th generation Video iPod, rumors of New video iPod have been floated at almost all iPod news sites and forums. a large 3.5" screen ,an on-screen, virtual clickwheel,replacing the physical wheel on current iPods, also comes with free download services from iPod official website. Millions of guys who love iPod are eagerly looking forward to the new video iPod, expecting its soon appearence, wish iPod bring them to get to another wonderful multimedia world!

Then would iPod disappoint its lovers?

More details concerning the rumored, widescreen "true" video iPod emerge. ThinkSecret reports that the forthcoming unit will be of the same dimensions as current iPods and feature a 4-inch display (larger than their previous report) with a quarter-inch border. Their sources indicate that Apple evaluated both 3.5-inch and 4-inch prototypes and settled on the larger of the two.

We had done some calculations based on the 5G video iPod's screen size and pixel density and suggested that this rumored unit would debut with a 4.6-inch screen at a resolution of 640x360. There are two groups of people who are still arguing, some say this news is convincing because the pictures they saw looked very genuine, while others think it's skeptical for they don't believe in the website who released this news.Anyway, there are still large numbers of iPod lovers who are eagerly expecting the coming of new video iPod!

Details finally reveals!

Until present now, we got latest news and many genuine pictures from authoritative website, surely proves its coming not later than April 1. Apple Legal also released a notice to the public, publicize the new video iPod gonna be called "iPod AV".It's said the reason why apple Legal doesn't release its new product, is that they are still evaluating the free download services practical or not,soon or later it will surely unveils. Concerned "iPod AV" the new video iPod, we are still waiting for more news, wish Apple Legal would bring us surprises!







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