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Put DVD to iPod? It's really possible!

Updated December 3,2007

We love movies because they give us chances to experience various fancy lives of someone else we can just imagine in dreams. Most of them are DVD movies. DVD, whose main uses are video and data storage, is the popular optical disc storage media format. Since we are being satisfied with the benefits DVD brings to us, we are also bothered by its inconvenience, which is not portable. Fortunately, we had the iPod.
"iPod", explained in the Wikipedia, "is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple and launched in October 2001." All we know that watching music videos and TV programs on your iPod is all great and everything, but there is wondering left how to put DVD on iPod? Usually, that must be one reason many people buy a Video iPod – they think that they can watch DVD movies on their iPod video directly as they want. Wrong!
You can't find out an option like "convert DVD to iPod format" on the iTunes interface. Maybe it seems silly, but it's completely unsupported. You would think that after spent $299 or $399 on a video iPod, you would be able to put any kind of video on your iPod? Wrong either!
Before going any further, we are about to get some software that will help first. The software, generally called a Converter, will basically be converting the movies from the DVD and converting it into a format which can be used by your iPod. There are sorts of programs on the market made by manufacturers such as ImTOO, which can assist you convert DVD to iPod. Just Google what required, more information lists for you to select!
Let's take 4Media DVD to iPod Converter as an instance. After program installation, I think less than 40 seconds is fast over my imagination. Tow options to upload your DVD folder or ISO folder: choose from the "File" menu or click the "Open DVD" or "Open ISO Files" icon directly on the interface. Select destination formats including almost all kinds of iPod video formats in the "Profile" box, and determine the location on your computer for the destination folder. After all, just one click "Start converting", you can get the DVD movies fit for your Video iPod.
The next, we need to transfer these DVD movies fit for iPod into our Video iPod which means the exact answer of how to put DVD on iPod. Of course iTunes is a perfect choice, but there are some smart tools as well. I think you are supposed to take a opportunity to try "iPod Rip" or "iPod to computer transfer", they are amazing (the usability and the price)!
Now you see, just put a DVD to iPod in a few simple steps! I hope that was useful to you and will help you put your existing DVD movies onto your iPod.

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