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DVD to iPhone? Maybe DVD to iPod is enough!

Updated December 3,2007

It's been a quite while now since Apple unleashed their iPhone, the smart and lightweight handheld device which have a gorgeous 3.5" screen. It can make phone talks, netsurf via internet with Safari, and play crisp videos and music as iPod. Admittedly, there are a lot of complaints from people about iPhone's short life in battery, exclusive use for AT&T and high price. But we all have known and realized that iPhone has been playing a big number in Apple's iPod family.
In terms of the tech parameters published officially in Apple's site, we noticed that except the screen size, all the video and audio formats supported by Video iPods are totally the same, especially iPod Touch, it seems to be another iPhone just without the mobile phone connection. And the truth is, there are some differences amongst them, even they are very tiny so as to masses always overlook them unconsciously. For example, the iPhone's requirement is video bit rate at 2.5Mbps, while the iPod Classic and iPod Nano can be playing over 3.0Mbps. It doesn’t mean iPhone cannot support this 3.0Mbps kind, but if you’ve tried, you’d have to take my words, coz the 3.Mbps videos is unable to work on iPhone and iPod Touch. But what's the matter if you are just playing videos in an iPod or an iPhone?
In order to demonstrate what I said, I did some tests to compare the displaying quality between iPhone and iPod. First of all, I just converted a DVD video file to iPod MPEG-4 video format by using 4Medai DVD to iPod Converter, set the resolution at 480 by 320 and bit rate at 2.5Mbps. And then, I did this DVD to iPhone conversion and settings again with the DVD to iPhone Converter from ImTOO, although the output profile was named iPhone MPEG-4 (480*320). After that, I transferred the converted video files into a iPod Nano and an iPhone respectively use 4Media iPod to PC Transfer, iPod and iPhone software for transfer, and no surprising, the video quality plays well as in the same criterion just with your eyes. By the way, these iPod and iPhone software from ImTOO Studio are way easy to use. The only spot which cannot content my needs is that the iPod computer transfer doesn't have an option to modify the file name, even though it did better at removing video files directly from iPod or iPhone than Apple's iTunes.
So the conclusion is that iPhone can play videos perfectly as Video iPod did. Just like my tests, maybe most DVD to iPod converter software can fulfil your requests in DVD to iPhone conversion no matter you owned a Video iPod and an iPhone or just one of them.

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