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Dig Out Your iPod Music!- How to transfer iPod music to Computer

Updated December 3,2007

It’s been known that iTunes is a management tool released by Apple to match the applications of their unique portable multimedia player – iPod. Unfortunately, this real matched management tool does not allow you to transfer your music from iPod to your local disk.

I was blown up with a kind of accident in iPod transfer once. One day before three months, I’d just installed my iTunes after my operation system rebuilt. When I connected my iPod to my computer, a calamity happened. All my music purchased on iTunes Store was removed from my iPod! Jesus! What a crash!

To Apple users, I have to say this function-lacking sucks indeed! There must be a wonder why Apple doesn’t want to include something so obvious in their iTunes. What I thought is that they have a reason for not including it. Maybe it’s legal issues, maybe for marketing targets, or maybe they just can’t achieve this user requests more far away.

Ok, let us down to reality. Now, the most important is to find a solution which can completely fix this problem. For a long time searching, I got a good one which has easy ways to deal with my iPod transfer troubles – 4Media iPod to PC Transfer from!

The main usages are:
1. Copy music and movies from computer to iPod.
2. Backup music and movies from iPod to PC.
3. Sync music from iPod to iTunes.

I guess you may not be interested in the 1st function on how to transfer music on an iPod, which has been offered by iTunes and merely played well in lots of other programs, while the last two functions are what I’m emphasizing.

You know if I've held this software with the music backup function from iPod to PC, I would never be so mad at the iTunes for my purchased music lost. And it's so easy to use, just check all the music and movies in playlist you want to export, and click the button in the middle of the user control panel, then you've had your iPod music and movies dig out!

The 3rd function is more useful to kill the long time waiting for iTunes transfer. All you have to do is opening up the 4Media iPod to PC Transfer with iPod connected, check all files, and pressing on the button on the right, which can make your Sync from iPod to iTunes done in just a few minutes!
Attention: you need have iTunes installed first before using 4Media iPod to PC Transfer, otherwise the iPod cannot be recognized by this iPod transfer and manager.

The beauties: multi-functions, easy to use, fast speed in importing and exporting, and iPhone support.
The shortcomings: don't support photos importing and exporting temporarily, unable to execute the edition on music Tag info.

There's also a premium feature deserved to mention, the maximum quantity is up to 500 for music and movies importing/exporting, which is allowed in the beta version of this iPod transfer as gift for you!

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