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Creating DVD simply

Updated December 10,2007

Christmas is coming soon, and I have been cudgeling my brains for choosing a gift for my friends. A creative gift with best Christmas blessing is what I’m thinking of.
So I was searching it on the web. Suddenly a good idea comes into my mind when I was reading in a forum, that is, to create a DVD movie with enjoyment and delight sharing with friends as a gift. This one brightened me up. I have all the conditions required for the creation from video to DVD, a blank disc, a DVD-RW driver, and many interesting video clips, but how to create a DVD disc playable on DVD player from these video clips?
A friend recommended me a program called 4Media DVD Creator. She said it’s specially designed to burn video files to DVD movie. That is exactly what I’m looking for, so I just downloaded it and had a try.
Installing process is very simple, and takes me about 1 minute. Also, it generates a shortcut icon on my desktop, very cute.

Part 1 Open the program

The interface is crystal like a lake, very quiet. “Add Video Files” and “Start Burn” are very striking. They ease my anxiety. I’m always confused about how to get started when I get a complicated program, and afraid that one improper action will make my computer bogged down.
“Destination” and “DVD Name”between them are used to choose burning type and name of DVD file. There is a blank list above them, but now I know nothing about it.
Let’s move to the right panel of the window. The above label is “Menu” with two buttons: “Edit” and “Template”. It seems to be used to create menu.
OK, click “Edit” button, then the “Menu Edit” window displays.

There is a big and beautiful window in the left with “Background Music”, “Background Picture” and “Menu Topic” options below. The right “Template” window lists various kinds of menu templates. Most templates fit my taste. They’re so cute that I’m eager to have a go now.
First, choose a template, and then it’s displayed in the left windows.
Then, choose a Merry Christmas song as the background music, and my favorite photo as the background picture. Now let’s have a preview. The effect is just what I want!
Hum…very good, now let me say something to my friend. I enter “Merry Christmas!” in the “Menu Topic” and select red as the font color.
Preview again, I’m saying “Merry Christmas!” to my friends in the Christmas atmosphere, very amazing!
I’m too impatient to wait now. Click “OK” to return to the main interface. The menu I just created appears in the right menu template.
Now, I have a general idea about how to do. Let’s start!

Part 2 Add video files 
Before adding video files, I’m somehow afraid. Actually, I want to add many interesting videos with different formats, I’m afraid that the software may only support one or a few formats, it would make me disappointed in that way. Click “Add Video Files”, the file dialog displays. After browsing the supported file types, I have nothing to worry about. The software supports so many formats, it’s too wonderful!
After choosing all files I want to burn, the title, size, duration and path of my videos are all displayed in the list with clarity.
At this point, I notice that the buttons below the list are brightened. They are “Edit”“Remove”, “Clear”, “Move up” and “Move down” respectively.
Now Click “Edit”, the “Video Edit” window pop-ups.

In this window, we can crop video and set title miniature. After setting, return to the main window by clicking “OK”.
I suddenly notice that there is a bar in the bottom with color changed from original white to blue and red, and a dropdown list in the bottom left corner with two options to choose: D5 and D9. First I choose D5, The bar remains with no changes. Then I choose D9, now the bar is changed to blue only. I got to know that I added too many videos. My blank disc is D5 (4.7G), I need to remove some videos and choose D5.
After that, I choose to burn the video file to DVD disc from the destination list. By the way, it also supports to burn DVD Folder and IFO File. And then I enter “Mary’s Gift” in the “DVD Name” textbox.
It seems there is no preparation left out now. OK, let’s start burning video to DVD!

Part 3 Start burning from video to DVD
Insert a blank D5 disc, and click “Start burn”, the software starts to burn video files to DVD immediately.
In the “Output” window opens, there are two progress bar that display total progress and individual progress.
It looks it need to take some time to finish. Now, take a break, and enjoy a coffee, just wait!

Before long, I take out the DVD disc with pleasure, and insert it into my DVD player.
That is terrific!
Watching the DVD with my photo, my music, my blessing, and so interesting video clips, I feel so excited. I believe my friends will love this particular gift I bring to them!

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