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Rytir MID - MP4Converter

Updated May 7,2009

In all honesty, I'm not certain what the market is for MID (Mobile Internet Devices). After all, if most people have the Internet on their smartphone, I'm not certain if people need a mobile device that is exclusively for viewing the Internet.

This particular concept from designer Jan Rytir could tip the scales of the MID market quite considerably. This MID, which doesn't have any working title, is very small, measuring in at 180 x 80 x 20mm.

The screen is an ultra-wide LCD screen that is an OLED. It is a nice slider that reveals a full QWERTY keyboard and a tiny trackball. It also features an Intel Atom processor, two USB slots, a microphone, an audio input, stereo speakers, as well as a docking connector and SD card reader.

I'm not certain if this product will ever hit the market. As for me, I like watching my Internet on my computer, and the tiny screen of a MID like this just forces me to squint real hard, honestly.

Are we at an age where we are used to the tiny Internet browser? Please chime in with a comment if you think that this time is nigh, or if we are already in it. If so, the Rytir MID has a definite future.

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